Furby Boom was the best selling toy Christmas 2013


furby boom app

The new Furby Boom was the No1 best seller this Christmas and is packed with loads of new features. You can now encourage the new Furby Boom to lay eggs into your tablet or ipad via the app which then grow to become a small virtual Furby (“Furbling”) that you can then feed/maintain and play games with a little bit the Tamagotchi. By playing, feeding and maintaining the Furbling you earn Furbucks to unlock other features and extras. Furbucks wont be available to purchase you can only get them by playing. Up to 50 eggs can be collected and will unlock a whole Furby Boom City.




How to Change your Furbys Personality

furby booms personality 

Furby has a few personalities and they are all very different. To change your Furby Booms personality simply do one of the following:


If you play loud music non stop to Furby  then its personality will change to DIVA

If you pet Furby back non stop its personality changes to NICE

If you keep feeding Furby Boom non stop its personality changes to EVIL

If you keep pulling its tail non stop its personality changes to CRAZY FURBY

Hope you all find this useful